What Color Would You Paint These Shutters?

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This is the front of a house we are closing on in early August.  What color would you paint these shutters?  We are keeping and power washing the siding that you see in the picture as well.

I love colonials that use historic color palettes. One of my favorites is "Charleston Green" which is almost black. I think that would be an awesome contrast to the yellow siding. Good luck!

Thanks @Carolyn Lorence I am googling "Charleston Green" as we speak.

Keep the opinions coming, BP nation.

Navy Blue

@Michael Noto  

 Maybe you should try going on to Sherwin Williams and using their color visualizer and try out different combinations? Are you going to repaint the white trim too? 

@Karen Margrave Hadn't really thought about the trim, I would probably say no right now but that could change. Thanks for the Sherwin Williams visuaizer recommendation, I will definitely check that out.

I'd go with traditional Brown or White. I'm boring though.

I really like how that blue looks, but green could work well too. Red might be a bit to McDonalds :). 

I agree with @Karen Margrave.  painting the window trim white would really freshen the look. 

Here's another look - although the shutters appear to be a grey/blue, the article indicates Charleston Green. Either way - classic!  And the white trim makes it pop. 

Also - a great website/app for design inspiration is Houzz.com. Another yellow house sample in the link.  Enjoy!


Black, definitely black. It needs the contrast, black always elevates a look, and black shutters are classic. You can spray a fresh coat of black on the iron railing and add a matching planter on the stoop. Voila! Traditional, crisp, fresh! 

btw: the first comment suggesting a black-green is a good choice. It will "read" as black but have more depth.

Black would be too harsh for the shutters, in my opinion. Though, if you go with the green shown in the pic above, I'd do the front door in that color too. 

I like the " Charleston Green" which is also known as " "Bellemeade Green " in Nashville , TN. I used it in a property and it turned out well .

I've used a shade of white called parchment paper from Dunn Edwards.  

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