Direct Mail Campaign; almost ready to launch!

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Hello everyone. I recently asked for some feedback on how to begin our direct mail campaign. Now with much more knowledge, we only need a little clean up before our launch. 

Anyone have some good key phrases for yellow letter mailers? I'm looking for something aside from the typical phrase that screams investor. (ie; We have cash! Sell us your house!) Something a little more personal. Anyone willing to share samples of successful letters they have used? 

I will be the one answering all responses. What type of check list/script do you guys use to screen callers? Specifically, interview questions that you quickly ask to know whether or not you have a deal? 

Thank you all in advance for your feedback! 

@Account Closed

First off, your last name is the best!!!

Ok, when they call you you should find out the following:

Tell me about your house? (  Listen to everything they have to say )

Find out about any repairs need or what updates have they made. 

Ask them if they owe anything on the home?  If they tell you they owe $125k and the area is only worth $70k there is no deal here.

I always say this, " It sounds like you have a really nice house, can you tell me why you are looking to sell it? ".  Here you are looking to find out how motivated they are.  

Then I ask them how much were they hoping to sell it for? Based on how much they state can possibly make or break if I want to proceed further.  

If you find out that you and the owner are just a little too far apart I always say this, " If anything changes please give me a call ".  I have had many call me back 30-60 days later and then made a deal.  

What is really important here is if you can purchase the home cash, truly cash purchase or if you have buyers lined up.  It will give them more sense of security knowing you will buy it.

Hope this has helped a little.

Thanks @Curt Davis  , that did help! Also, for anyone else looking for scripts, has one available on their site! I thought that was pretty cool.

Got some more questions for you guys.

We are using Do they have some type of generator that imports our lists for us? Or, will I be receiving the letter the way I want it to look and its envelope, then handwriting the names and addresses for each individual letter?

Thanks guys!

Hey Account Closed ,

Did you upload a list to them when you ordered your letters? Also when you ordered your letters you have options for having them mail the letters for you or have them ship the letters for you. It all depends on what you selected. You can also just order supplies from them I believe so again it all depends on what you selected when you ordered your letters.

@Tim Leslie I haven't gotten as far as ordering the final letters yet. I was just playing around with the options prior to ordering when it occurred to me that this might be an issue. I called but unfortunately their offices were closed. If they will take care of it for me, that would be much better than hand writing each mailer! Thanks for the info! 

If you call and ask for Norma she will explain all of the options... And yes we address the envelopes...

I had a campaign backfire of me.  Through property radar I gathered data and sent it to which is connected to radar.  My mailers were suppose to go to the property owners but the radar data had the property address.  Some of the owners contacted me upset we sent letters to the site address with there contact name...

I'm curious what kind of issues other people have had sending yellow letters or mailers to the masses....


Account Closed 

I did some research on direct mail a little while back. Maybe this link is helpful.

You're not related to Mike Thrasher by any chance, are you?


@Account Closed  Great, thank you. I'll check that out!

And no, I'm not familiar with who that is.

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