Any Ideas for Skirting for this House

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The ARV is $130 or so which would be on the upper end for the area. Any ideas on skirting to cover up the piers ?

Hi Greg,

Are you planning to do anything else to the house?  

Is it in a flood plain, is that why it's raised and not on slab?  If not prone to flooding, my instinct would be to use similar looking material as the side of the house so it looks like it continues to ground and then landscape around it.  The front porch area you could do a different material like lattice or leave it open with bushes around.  I don't think people would expect a raised porch to have siding down to grade.  

The house is very dark.  I would try to break up the darkness with some color or a lighter color skirting - a light stone would probably look pretty cool if you can handle the expense and work involved - if you can find something that brings together the dark brown of the house and bright green of the surrounding grass  - something like a light green tint/yellow green - it would tie everything together.

Oh I like Phil's suggestion and mock up a lot.  

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