Bearing Wall & Sheer Wall Support

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We're removing a few walls on a project of ours. Two non-bearing and one bearing. Is it recommended to add shear walls for lateral purpose? See floorplan below. The bearing wall we are removing is the wall between the Study Room and the Dining Room (Bedrooms not affected).

Your best bet is to consult a structural engineer.

In Georgia, we'd just header the wall off. In Cali, I'm sure you have more seismic activity concerns and may require additional bracing.

Impossible to answer without a close look at the existing framing.  A structrual engineer with only cost you a few hundred bucks.  I hired one for a project last year where I was moving walls.  He was very helpful in identifying how to create solid framing with a minimal amount of work.

Are you sure it's a load-bearing wall?  The roof lines and wall layout look like it's not.

I absolutely recommend you have a structural engineer make a visit to examine the case.  California in general has very stringent permitting and seismic design requirements.  I've done some work in Norco and up in the Bay area.

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