Rehab Revealed - 3br quad-level, Entire House Overview w/ Pics & SKUs

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The warm color scheme we used on this house really came through beautifully. Once the house was lightly staged with furniture, we put air fresheners throughout the house and listed it on the market. We accepted a full-price offer after five days on the MLS! The water table is high in this community, so we had to install a new drain tile for proper drainage, which was the main expense that we hadn't originally anticipated. Other than that, this property was a terrific buy-fix-sell, and Rebecca's of Ann Lee Interiors choices (using Home Depot products) are what really put this house over the top!

Here are some of the SKU’s we used:

Material list (Interior):

Wall and Ceiling ColorAged Beige (Behr PPU 7-9)
Trim ColorRiviera Beach (Behr PPU 7-7m)
Door ColorRolling Pebble (Behr PPU 7-23)
FlooringHampton Bay High-Gloss Natural Palm (822-042)
CarpetArabesque (1000-019-537)
Interior DoorsJeldwen Continental-Style (729-608)
Living Room Light13” Bronze 2-Light Flushmount Twin-Pack (790-545)
Dining Room Chandelier3-Light Bronze Riverside by Progress (661-224)
Baseboards Pro-Pack of 7/16?x3?x12? (143-210)

Material list (Exterior):

BaseGarden Wall (Behr PP 730D-4)
TrimCornerstone (Behr PP 330E-2)
AccentIntellectual (Behr PP UL260-2)
Front DoorRoasted Pepper (Behr PP 180D-7)Door HandleKwikset Smartkey (754-825)

Hi @Andrew Cordle  

This is cool, you should make this a blog! How long did the rehab take? What was the cost of it? How did you find it! Share the dirt :)

Congrats on a great project!


@Philip Cutting

Thanks. Have you check out my series of "5 Flips Start to Finish"?

I think that maybe what you are looking for, if you go to the Forums and type that in the search bar, you should find a forum series on 5 of my flips. 

Check that out and let me know if it is what you are talking/looking for.


Looks gorgeous.  How much did it cost?  You have a crew? 

@Philip Cutting

 How long did the rehab take? What was the cost of it? How did you find it! Share the dirt :)

1. Rehab about 3 1/2 weeks

2. Rehab was around 45k

3. Wholeseller

@George P.

 How much did it cost? You have a crew? 

1. (around numbers) Purchase 60k Rehab 45k Sales 145k

2. Wholeseller

Let me know if you guys have any other questions.


Hi AC,

The "5 Flips Start to Finish" is a good article! Thanks for pointing it out.  I hope you find lots more of these deals really soon! :)


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