How do I get in front of the growth?

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I am starting a company in Portland, TX just outside Corpus Christi. If anyone knows the area they know it is growing rapidly! How can I market my company to the local investors and random home buyers who need to buy low and want to remodel a kitchen or bath or the entire house? I have a great connection in one realty company but need more avenues, anyone have a success story to relate?

Thank You - Galante Renovations and Management LLC - Tim McBee

Approach other Brokerages and give them your information packet.  

Also you can direct mail to new owners when people move.  I just moved into a my new home and within the first week I received 4 letters from churches, 2 interior decorating and painting companies, several insurance companies, etc....

Good luck

@Curt Davis   has a good point....

I think it is fairly easy to establish relationships with real estate professionals... Here is something I wrote which may help... It will sound silly however people tend to remember better thru association...

Become the Candy Man!

That’s right become the Candy Man. Go to your local Costco or Sam Club and buy their big bag of candy. Now don’t eat the candy or you will become the big bag.. Instead pick a day or two or three a month that you deliver candy to the real estate agents and mortgage lenders.

Just walk into the office and ask the receptionist if you could pass out some candy and pass out two or three pieces of candy to each desk area or cubicle. ALSO lay a business card under the candy.

If you do this a couple months in a row you will become the candy man and will have embedded into the brain of people who can promote that you buy and sell houses.

You could take this one step farther and create a mini flyer wrap around a chocolate bar and deliver them that way but the two or three pieces of candy is less expensive and the fact that you deliver a business card they can hold onto is more powerful than a wrapper that will be thrown away.

Thanks guys both are great ways to approach. It's not that I don't know how to approach people but it's the little things like the candy man that make large impacts. I would just go randomly and say "hi I'm Galante renovations" and they probably get tired of me. But everyone loves free chocolate! 

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