Another Bathroom Rehab - Before and After Pics with Material Sku List!

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Installing a new glass block window in the main hallway bathroom really added a nice touch, but the tile choices from Home Depot are what really put the upstairs bathroom “over the top.” Just look at the before and after pictures, and you can hardly tell that it’s the same bathroom. But the most drastic change—probably more drastic than any house we’ve done—is the downstairs bathroom. The downstairs toilet used to be located in the middle of a utility area. Our contractor ingeniously relocated the water heater and concealed it behind a closet area next to the furnace and other utilities, thus allowing us to finish off the downstairs bathroom with drywall walls and tile flooring. Instead of an ugly, unfinished utility area, this downstairs room became a very spacious half bathroom.

Here are some of the Home Depot SKU’s we used in the bathrooms:

Floor Tile – 6”x24? Montagna Saddle (193-629)
Floor Grout – Bone (123-852)
Shower Tile – 13”x20” Broadmoor Platinum (1000-012-487)
Shower Accent – Arctic Storm (369-501)
Shower Grout – Bone (123-851)
Vanity – Glacier Bay Renditions (637-327)
Vanity – St. Paul Madeline 24” (628-505)
Shower Faucets – Banbury 1-Handle Tub/Shower (243-261)
Bathtubs – 5? Aloha White (478-640)
Toilets – Dual Flush by Glacier Bay (215-583)
Faucets – Glacier Bay Buildiers 4? 2-Handle (247-368)
Mirrors – 22?x28? Brushed Nickel Frame (481-166)
Lighting – Hampton Bay 3-light Brushed Nickel (610-563)
Towel Bar Set – Greenwich 3-piece Bath Accessory Kit in Satin Nickel (690-977)

Very nice. Thanks for sharing

good stuff.  how are you enclosing the tub?  curtain? slider?

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Wow, what a difference! Those wood pattern floor tiles, bigger window, & shower tiles really open up the space. 

By the way, I like how you laid the tiles out horizontally (width wise). It really makes the space seem a lot larger. Well done! 

How many labor hours roughly. I ask because I am planning on doing same and need an estimate.

@Andrew Cordle  

No problem, I definitely will reach out. 

Also really enjoy your videos, really well produce.


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But the real bonus is the content of information that Andrew provides is really on Point.

So if you have a few minutes of free time, its worth the time check it out.


Wow, that looks great! Good job!

looks good. though I was never a fan of that wood looking ceramic tile...but that's a personal preference....

@Paul Ortiz

Hey man, I really appreciate those kind words. I go to the studio almost every single week of my life to make videos and podcast.  I often wonder does anyone listen or watch any of them. 

I am so glad you enjoy them. 

I have a really cool video series that is about to come out on flipping houses. In my opinion it is the best thing I have ever produced...

Thanks Again. 


@Andrew Cordle  Looks great. The window solution is really neat. What did you do for flooring in the rest of the house? I thought about the wood-looking tile from HD for a bath or kitchen, but was afraid it would clash with the other types of "wood" flooring in the house. 

@Lee L.

Great question about the wood tile and the rest of the flooring. I have to admit that was the biggest thing that was going on in our minds was what about the rest of the flooring. 

Because we were doing about 50 houses that year we did test it out and it worked ok, but I would have to say that I would not do it again where a bathroom floor and a hardwood floor from a hallway or such connected. Carpet to bathroom wood tile would be ok. 


Anyone else not able to view the pics in the iPhone app?

@Mike Webb

I just checked and yes the BP app. Is not showing the pics right now.

Weird. Sorry


Now THAT is a sexy bathroom! Great work! 

Now... I have to be "That Guy". Have you considered installing a GFCI for the outlet above the sink?

@Marcus Curtis

Hey man, thanks for the compliment. 

As far as the GFCI above the sink...

If you can zoom in on it you will actually notice that it is a GFCI. The two little breaker buttons are white instead of black and red. I am not sure why my guys used the all white versions. 

Anyway, you put it, good catch. 


Wow great job on the bathroom.  @Marcus Curtis good catch on the GFI.  Code requires it, and its a 5 minute swap out.

is that a blue tub?

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