What is this and patio repair question?

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I just purchased this house that was built in 1969 and it has these exhaust fans, one in the kitchen and one in living room.  They aren't connected to any light switches so I am guessing they were disconnected but I was wondering what purpose they had and I guess there is no harm in leaving them there other than being an eyesore.  This is a buy and hold property.  Second question the back patio is in rough shape in certain areas, I really don't want to jack hammer up the whole patio, has anyone resurfaced concrete?

Not sure about the fan.

I've seen quite a few concrete resurface projects. Maybe it's the Chicago winters but none seem to look good for very long.

air vent that are usually in basement areas. Tur heater or air on and you should feel it flow. The circular washer at the bottom opens and closes the vent.

Same as one of these just a different shape

I concur appears to be a HVAC duct

Thanks for the replies!  What confused me was the house has the more common vents like @Chris K.  posted a pic of...and these  circular vents aren't anywhere else in house 3 bed 1.5 bath....they are only in the kitchen and living room....but I will turn on the hvac and see if air comes out.....thanks!

You should leave the patio alone or tear it out and replace it. Patching or resurfacing will be a waste of money.

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