White Cabinets - What Color Granite Countertop and Backsplash Should I Install?

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What color granite countertops and backsplash goes best in a kitchen that has white cabinets?

Anyone have any color scheme that worked good for them?  Just looking for any and all opinions.  Thanks in advance.

@Michael Noto  my personal taste is for a lighter countertop and backsplace with white cabinets, say beige or light brown in color. Some folk go for dark (black) which can look striking but it screams "rental unit" in my book. Even if it is going to be a rental unit, you still want your renters to think "home" when they see the place. Black and white kitchens also look cheaper in my opinion. 

Since you asked for opinions...

Thanks for the input @Wendy Noble ! This will be for a flip that we will be looking to resell, not turn into a rental.

@Michael Noto  Hot Pink! Haha just kidding.

You can go a few different color directions. You can either do something in the beige or gray family. Those will probably be your best bet. Then with white cabinets many designers are going for white subway tile for the backsplash or a subtle color of glass subway tile, that's always nice. Gives it that classic/modern look.

The key with granite is to not get too busy of a pattern in it, try to keep it on the simple side. 

Hope this helps!

@Michael Noto  - It depends on the other items in the house.  If you are sticking with browns and tans (tile, paint, etc), then your granite and backsplash should match.  If you are going grey tones, then you stick with more white granite and grey backsplash.  I'm moving all my flips overs to the grey's as they seem to be more popular now.  

Black granite

White Subway Tile with either gray grout for a brick look, or white grout and run a slim line of patterned-glass tile thru the middle.

That is my go-to ;-)

Hi bp community. Whenever I use white cabinets, I go with a level 2 river white granite with a white glass or ceramic subway tile. I also use the lowes Allen Roth shimmering lights mosaic wall tile as an accent piece in the middle. It picks up all the colors in the river white granite. My personal opinion is that it will look really nice if you used a light shade of gray paint on the walls to bring it all together.

All the best


Post a few photos up and I may be able to give you a few samples to get the wheels turning.

I spend a lot of time on Houzz going through some of their design books to find good looking color combos, styles, etc. Their search function is pretty decent so that if you type in "white cabinets with granite" you should get a large range of options. While not the easiest way to find an answer, I've found it helps me keep up on style trends.

Look up Saint Cecilia granite pattern on Google and then peek at the images ...

Here is a discussion with some pictures from another site:


I prefer to go with santa cecilia or something similar.

Originally posted by @Corey Beckwith:

Hi bp community. Whenever I use white cabinets, I go with a level 2 river white granite All the best 


 Here's the white river look in the wife's laundry room (the slab was a remnant).

I have done 2 more since.

I prefer it with the darker cabinets & these were less expensive than the White we looked at. (The backsplash was not my choice).

Great look Pat. I wish I new how to show a pic on bp. Some instructions will be appreciated.


I love the look of a mostly white with grey/black accents granite counter, then white or a light colorored subway tile.

Originally posted by @Matthew Lobacz:

I love the look of a mostly white with grey/black accents granite counter, then white or a light colorored subway tile.

 Yes great choices

here are the remnants/orphan slabs available that we are tossing around for the next project

Thank you everyone for this feedback.  All of it has been great.

I have asked around, and noticed many people like the light counter tops & back-splash's (greys) like this one

But I agree with looking around your area and on Houzz or something similar for ideas. 

Hope that helps! 

Best wishes! 

yeah really depends on the overall style of the house.  I would look at a lot of pics and choose the best style you like or even better yet that goes with the area and house.  

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