I need help understanding the county documents on this house

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Found an apparent abandoned large house in a decent Address is 331 Aqui Esta Dr Punta Gorda fl 33950.  County has a website and here is the link to prop apprasier.  


I see there is a "owner called CC holdings 2002 LLC. Ive tried to google them to see what they are. Im not sure if they are involved w bankruptcy or what. Then I see the sales links on the appraiser site. I see a timothy ____. IS this the owner of the LLC?

I ran across this link also - a roll detail from google but showing payment on the 331 aqui esta.  Is this tax lien info.  Im just totally lost on this property.  I would consider a purchase for a buy and hold if I can find the owner and a severe discount.  Its in rough shape but a very nice home.


I guess Im really looking for help understanding my county prop appraiser site- I just relocated here.  I know I can go to the county house etc but trying to see if anyone here can give me the low down.  One side note, I went to front door and saw a lamp on.  Papers are on counter just like someone lives there still but the trees are way overgrown. Pool in back as green as it comes.  It literally looked like someone left 3 years ago and never came back.

That is a lender owned property IMO; they will create a holding company to take ownership of REO properties often. The 2013 taxes have been paid according to this link, but even better a person's name appears in the servicer info, so that might be a point of contact:


On the IPad so can't read the doc.s.

CC2 bought it in 2006 for $127k (follow the link--2943/1284 book/page right after the Sales Info 2206 date.

They got a loan from Bank United, couldn't open the doc for the amount, (after you follow the link above for the deed/sale, hit next-it will be the mtg.)

Bank united filed for foreclosure 2009, there is an order 06-2014 I couldn't open.  Go to the clerk of court-official records search-link below- put in CC Holdings name and you'll see all the doc.s.  Click on them to open them.

There will be a different county site-Court Records, Civil where you can pull up the case docket, using the case no. (From looking at the LP document that will show up in the above Official Records search).  Once you find the docket, it will show events, and of there is a final judgment, for how much, and the scheduled sale date, most likely.

Timothy was one of the sellers in 2006, trustee.

If its an REO then likely will go to MLS- Should I pursue this or am a I chasing a lost battle. Im just looking for a deal like everyone else:)

Ill try to make it to the court house monday.  Anyone have anything to add.  I can update what I came up with if anyone interested.  

So after following @Wayne Brooks  ' instructions, the person named as a mortgagor is

John T. Early

Try to find that person. 

If you want to track down the LLC ownership, go to Sunbiz.org, where you can find registered agents, officers, etc. for corps and llc's. search by name of LLC.

Better yet, knock on the door.

Not a sole there past 2 visits. Ive ask neighbors x2 and they said they havent really seen many people there but that there may have been squatters there. The last neighbor said its going to Foreclosure. He also said that they came to change locks. Also that people where trying to get pool clean up. Can only take them for face value but I suspect the same that its going to Forecl. Anything to do to aquire before the whole process goes in place and to MLS? Can see nearly the entire whole bottom floor through windows and looks very good inside. Mainly exterior (paint, stuccco, pool and screening).

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