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Hello BP,

I am a new investor working on my first flip in the south suburbs. We are finishing up the flip and getting ready to list as we put the final touches on the property. Could any Chicago investors recommend an affordable tile supplier? 



Hi @Shannon Elam  ,

I get most of my tile at Floor & Decor.  They have a pretty wide selection and reasonable pricing.  The closest location to you would probably be the Lombard store. 

If you have the storage space, will continue in the same area, and are sure the tile is something you see yourself using again you can buy in bulk at the local HD for deep discounts on orders above $2500.

Just a thought - good luck.

Thanks Igor,

I looked at their website and see much better deals than I have been finding already. I'm heading out there today. Thanks a million.

@Timothy, I will keep that in mind. I hope I get to a point where I will need to buy tile in bulk. 

Tile on closeout at HD can be good. I have been in Floor and Décor and their prices do seem really competitive. I have a friend who raves about Hobo's.

Hmmm. I checked out the tile outlet site. Their sales pricing is Lowes regular pricing. Leona sand is one I use quite often. Their "sale" has it listed at $2.50 sq ft. I typically get it at lowes for around $2.25 to $2.40 a square foot.

Lowes and HD are typically about the same in terms of quality and price. Menards tends to be cheaper but only on their low end stuff and that stuff is usually JUNK.

Lowes has a real nice selection and a lot more modern set of pieces too.

I'd probably use HD some too if the nearest store wasn't 20 minutes away.....

So I ended up getting 12 x 24 tile for a fireplace at Floor and Decor ($1.22/sqft) and kitchen backsplash tile at HOBO ($8.39/sqft). Hobo had the better price/selection of backsplash tile considering they had a clearance going on. They had some plastic subway tile backsplash for as low as 2.99, and some nicer stone and glass backsplash for as low as $6.00. Floor and Decor had a better selection of large rectangular tile.

Both pieces were clearance so I made out like a bandit (I think).

@Mike H Lowes is probably the only home improvement store I haven't been to. Mainly because they dont display pricing on their website, which is very frustrating when I am price comparing for certain items.

Thanks for all of your input guys.

I also use HOBO for smaller wall tile or backsplash, their pricing is by far the most competitive.  They usually have different supply in stock and don't carry the same product month after month so make sure you buy slightly more than you need and return the rest.

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