Looking for input. What do you do about Health Insurance?

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I am a weekend rehabber in south chicagoland and have completed six houses and would like to scale up to full time but don't know how to get around the fact that paying for your own private insurance is really expensive . I dont have a working spouse to rely on there employer insurance. Any ideas?  

Good insurance costs money, there's no way around that. Even if you had a spouse, it's likely that you'd have to pay for your insurance on their employer's policy.

As someone that employs others and myself, I consider buying insurance one of the many costs of doing business. Roll it into your overhead, just like you would the cost of a cell phone or a vehicle.

If the specific issue is that you are only insurable in a high risk pool, then you might need to find a group plan to join or look into some of the options that are available on the healthcare.gov exchange.

I think there are some professional organizations that offer group plans. Maybe someone with more knowledge of this can chime in.

Best of luck with your new venture!


Sometimes your state may local freelancer groups that offer discounted health insurance to the self employed. In any case its still expensive and you must budget to your cost of doing business as mentioned above. 

Best of luck in all your ventures. 

Thanks for the advice. I guess i will stick to the plan i have been doing. I cant budget that money because i have been rolling all my profits into the next house so i will eventually have all the cash to purchase outright.

Thanks Chris

I own a company outside of real estate.  Its just me.  I purchase group health through my company (me) instead of an individual plan.  Its pretty decent insurance.  Costs me about $580 per month with a $2000 yearly deductible.  I can add employees if I ever need them.

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