Marketing Sellers using more classy material

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I have been looking for a company that makes postcards/letters for direct marketing to sellers for my flip acquisitions in better neighborhoods. I keep going to sites that seems popular but a little distasteful. Some of them use handwritten fonts that seem a bit much like " I BUY HOMES CASH!!!!", followed by paragraphs of gibberish. I put myself in the seller's shoes and can't imagine doing anything but throwing those cards straight into the trash can. Does anyone know of or can recommend a site that has marketing material that looks more presentable and possibly taken more seriously?  

Most of those websites have dozens of different templates with completely different fonts, including postcards instead of letters. 
Have you seen any of those? I think @Michael Q. might be a good resource on this. 

But, the "I BUY HOMES CASH" has been one of the most effective ways at getting a response. Its then up to you to find their motivation to sell and find a win-win benefit for both you and the seller. 

Its also about being cost effective since it is a numbers game. 

@Darish D.   My question to you is, have you ever REALLY been in their shoes? Trust me when I say, it's really easy to think the way you do when you're bills are paid early or on time, not going through a divorce, death in the family etc... Truth is, you never know what someone is going through at the time they receive your letter/postcard or how many they received. They could have 10 different postcards from 10 different people and have a stack of 5 from you. Who do you think they're gonna call first? Probably you.

DON'T REINVENT THE WHEEL!! Unless it's a hover-board then you don't need wheels. 

Marketing is trial and error. If it's not working after several hits try something else. It's easy to wanna be different then everyone else, I get it. But you'll never know if you don't try.


there are all kinds of ways to kill houses using direct mail.   

@Nathan Paisley  Really good point. Essentially what I get from your comment is that these "I buy houses cash" type material target a group of people under an immediate need to sell for whatever reason and who would probably sell at a discount where as the marketing I am looking for might target the retail seller not under any pressure to sell and probably wouldn't sell at a discount (probably best for listing properties etc). 

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