Opinions, please! Give this house curb appeal.

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Thoughts on what I should do to spruce up the curb appeal on this house? Appreciate all suggestions. Yes, there's snow on the ground. I realize it's summer now. Old photo. Same house. ;)

@Jeni Lu  , Get rid of the bushes against the home, make small mulch area from house out 18" to 24" for small planter for small plants. How about some shutters at least on front? Fix piece aluminum facia missing. Maybe put a small planter at the corner of the street/sidewalk area with a corner split rail fence just to accent the corner, front door with a window at least on top. 

I agree, get rid of the bushes, add the facia board, add shutters, is that vinyl? If so what about pressure washing the home? How dirty are the screens in the windows, maybe you could chang them out. Also a bucket of white gloss exterior trim would make that front door trim and window trim sparkle. You could also change the front door with some sort of cheap glass door from Lowes ($200-$300).

Are you sprucing it up to sell or rent? Agree with the others that shutters will make a huge impact. A door with a window would also be more inviting, or paint the existing door a fun color. The house is too monotone. You need some contrast to warm it up. Put a flag up, maybe some window boxes. Hard to tell about the landscaping with all the snow on the ground.

Originally posted by @Raven Parmer:

Are you sprucing it up to sell or rent? 

 I'm planning to rent it out. Monotone is the exact word to describe this house. Should I paint it a different color or just add the contrasting shutters, window boxes, door, etc. The bush will go away.

I have a very similar house - all white. I painted the door & trim around the front windows a nice, rich red (because I couldn't find cheap shutters that were big enough!) & put a knocker on the door. 

I wouldn't bother changing the color ($$) for a rental if the siding is still in good shape.

I'd also get a couple of big patio pots & put colorful mums in them (it's that time of year already) & put one on either side of the front door. It kind of gets lost. 

All the other suggestions about the bushes, new door, planting beds, etc. are spot-on. This could be a "curb-cutie" with not much investment. 

If the siding is pretty dirty, could always to a power washing on it. That would really help make the siding pop. But i wouldn't paint it. 

But I agree with everyone else. For whatever reason a red door always gives it that nice homey feel. 

Everyone has been right on, about the bushes, the fascia, the shutters and the door color.

If you do do more, I would say the issue with the house is that its height appears out of proportion.  So you want to visually lower it.  How you do that is with a piece of horizontal trim right about the place where the first and second floor meet, preferably with a darker color siding above that dividing line.

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