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Hey BP'ers,
I'm in the process of getting my first house to rehab and sell. I've come to the conclusion that a hard money loan is my best option for financing my first flip. Has anyone ever used ? If so, how was it?
Any other recommendations for hard money lenders that you've personally used?


Kevin,  Many times, when you have a question, it has been asked many times before, (yay, you are not the only one!) so if you do a search on BP in the search field in the upper right corner of this page, you will find 18 threads referencing the company, with lots of feedback.  

Please don't think I don't mean for you to ask questions, that's what the forum is for, but sometimes you can cut to the chase quicker with a search.

Your best bet is to find a hard money lender in the city the property is in.  You can find them through directories, like the hard money directory here on BP, and through your local REIAs.

I'm a real estate agent in NC. I've had about 5 deals with You do have to jump through some hoops, but they are lending the money, they have to make sure they are covered. I've enjoyed working with them and have learned so much! To the naysayers, just because 1 deal didn't work out, try again, and make sure your agent knows how to make the deal work too..If you feel like your deal may go south, send me an email..we've gone through it all! :) and I still enjoy working with them.

~Mitzie Phillips

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