Best finishes for a quick sale

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Just began demo on a house we're renovating to sell. Appreciate any advice on floor surfaces investors/flippers might recommend to facilitate a quick sale. House is in Orange County California, 5bd/3ba two story with ARV @ $825K. Remodeling entire house. Is high end laminate acceptable in this price range vs wood? Is high end ceramic tile acceptabe vs natural stone (eg travertine)? All recommendations are appreciated.


High end laminate is fine.

I'd go travertine over ceramic.

Regarding counter tops -> granite / quartz is a must.

You should really look at the remodeled comps for your house.  I would think that laminate floors will not be good there, especially if you want a quick flip.  Same with ceramic tile.

@Mike G. gave you some solid advice right there. If you want a quick sale, you have to use the material that appeals to the most amount of people in that price range.

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Agree with Mike.  There is no catch all answer to what kind of finishes you need to put into a flip.  Check renovated comps close by your subject property that have sold recently and have low days on market (have sold fast).  After you look through 3 or 4 you'll start to get the idea for what level of finishes you need for your market.

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