Broward Florida Input on Deals

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Good morning everyone! Reaching out for some input from local investors. I am a Realtor/Investor in the Broward County, FL area, I have completed 2 flips this year which I have done well with and they both kind of came to me. The first was a seller who called me from my Real Estate marketing and the second my neighbor told me about. I know that is not the norm.....

To my question; Where is everyone finding the deals in the Broward Florida Market and how? I have cash ready to go and its just sitting. I am looking for any advice as to what is working in this market.

You could check out the county foreclosure auctions. They have a lot of properties listed that could be good investment opportunities for you. 

There are a lot of wholesalers in the area that will put you on their email list too.

If you come up with any other good ways to find deals in the area, please do tell!

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