Rehab/Flip a Split Level Entry House?

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I'm interested in hearing others experiences with rehabbing and flipping 70's style split level entry houses?  I personally don't like them but they have great square footage and we've found many of them in some really solid older neighborhoods.  What is your opinion on this floor plan?  Are they more difficult to sell?  Any feedback from experienced rehabbers would be greatly appreciated! 

My experience shows that split levels generally sell for 10-20% less/sq ft. than colonials.  Definitely not an ideal floor plan, but first time homebuyers will get into them as they get more sq. ft./$ and may not know what type of floor plan they would like long term.  

If you get it for the right price, you can make money, but just make sure you are comp'ing to other splits and not solely on beds/baths and sq. ft.    

we flipped one several years ago. Upgrades to the 70's house worked great. Made a good return on the flip. 

We flipped one in the spring and did well on it.  Just take @Dave Savage  advice and check your comps closely.

Beware of the sloping driveway. Turns off many buyers. Most split levels will have them.


I am in the process of flipping one right now. It is a paint and carpet type job with a possible bathroom addition in the basement. Hopefully it will do well.

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