What is the most cost efficient Upgrades

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I am in the process of renovating my home for an impending sale (I have 1 year to refinance or sell) and I am wondering what cost efficient ideas you guys have come up with to renovate your homestead or investment property yourself, The most bang for your buck so to speak.  examples of things I have found and come up with: Staining cabinets and getting hardware, Deals on Crown molding on the secondary market, new light fixtures add a upgraded feel for cheap,French doors from the secondary market.  

What else have you guys done? this neighborhood ranges in the 175-250 range and I am hoping to get 200-215 retail.

Broadly speaking, upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms. But it really depends on where your finishes are at now compared to price of homes you're trying to/expecting to compare with. If you're hoping to get 200-215, see what is standard in homes that have sold for that in your area that comp well with your home, and that will give you a better idea of what you need to upgrade. 

You're likely on the right track with some of those cheap touches that really make an area nice. A pretty backsplash can also add a lot to a kitchen, and if bathrooms are small you can splurge on some nice tile as it goes a long way. 

I agree with Dylan, kitchens and bathrooms. Here in Wisconsin people love the charm of older homes but they like new, clean, updated kitchens and bathrooms. I've done several older homes where I put 90% of my rehab effort in those rooms and only 10% on the rest of the house. I also focus on making things look clean. Grungy looking areas detract from the whole property so I always make basements and garages bright and cleaned up as best as possible. You mention light fixtures, I also replace electrical outlets, switches and covers. Very inexpensive but makes the property look newer. Hope your deal goes well!

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