New to BP and doing a rehab in Alabama

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New to the BP site, been in the real estate business since 1991. Seen a lot of cycles in the years, done a lot of rehab, renting and flips. Moved from California last year to the Mobile Alabama area. It took about 4 months before I focus on 1 area to do my investing. Found a great deal compared to where I came from. My objective is buying and holding property under 50k with about 30k in equity. Working on a home purchased for 15,510 (VA repo), spent about 12,500 on repairs and home is worth about 72k to 85k. That is why I focus on the Southeast area because of the investment potential. The long distant landlord or flips didn't work out for me in the past. Would like to invest in property driving distance from my home. Good luck to all and happy investing.


Welcome and GL with the rehab in Alabama. Post up some pictures when you get a chance so we can see how it all goes down :). 

Welcome and great area !

Best of luck in all your ventures. 

Will post photos in a week, working on the hardwood floors. 



Welcome Jay! Mobile is where I grew up. Plenty of inexpensive homes there!

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