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Hello, my family is new to the Business. We are setting up LLC's, working on our fist few flips. We are trying to build a solid foundation for this going company. One of the many questions we have is how people are sharing info amongst each other Within the company. Such as deal analyst todo lists and schedules. Are people using Google docs and tablets?

Check out and Both good options for basic project management and communication. 


I haven't used this product myself, but it looks to have a lot of potential for heavy renovations.

I use Basecamp at my non-REI job. Decent. It will help you keep track of things but if your needs ever increase in complexity, you're going to need something better.

You have to understand the mindset of the team behind Basecamp.  It's mostly people approaching a software engineering problem from a software engineering point of view.  Software engineers tend to hate too much structure and planning (I've worked in/around software development for 20+ years).

So, many features common in project management software are missing in Basecamp because philosophically the people behind it don't believe them to be necessary.  That might become problematic when you need to determine a project's critical path (the sequence of events that have the most impact on the final completion of a project) or forecast schedule variance and the impact it will have on the project delivery. 

Unfortunately, most of the really good tools for project management are either prohibitively expensive or years behind the times in terms of being cloud accessible (often both).  That's why I use Basecamp at work :-)  

I'm not sure I could make Basecamp work for me in a rehab/flip situation.  A lot of the philosophical things the people who create Basecamp try to avoid, seem to me to be very essential when time = money.  

My suggestion would be to use a more powerful project management tool like Microsoft Project for your tracking purposes and to then create a weekly task list from that which you can load up into something like Basecamp.  It's more time consuming but you'll have much better control over the project using the better management software and you'll gain the ease of use and communication that Basecamp provides for people who aren't necessarily experts in project management (i.e. contractors).  

Check out Zoho.  I'm a Program Manager, and it's project management software compares favorably to MS Project.  It's cloud based and integrates with their other tools like CRM, campaign tracking, lead capture, etc.

awesome responses. Thank you everybody. 

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