Anyone used the stick on backsplash tiles?

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I'm doing a rehab on a low end house with an ARV around $85k and would like to jazz it up as much as possible. I like the look of the mosaic glass backsplash, but it gets very expensive with labor involved. I'm wondering if anyone has used the stick on tiles they carry at Lowes/HD. Something like this:

Lowe's Link

I am afraid that even in a lower end house it will look cheap. The reviews are actually pretty good, but I'd like to hear from the BP community.


I went by Lowe's on my way home today and did not like the look of the plastic stick on tiles at all. I can see where they would make a big visual difference, but the quality seemed very low and they felt very cheap. I will not be using these.

one of our friends used them & several sheets basically dropped off the wall by morning...

I think you made the right choice. But if its in the budget to do it right it'll make the kitchen pop! I just did a small kitchen for a customer of mine and she was looking at some of that stuff. Glad she decided on the stone after I told her the risks.

Maybe they would not fall off if you used a little construction adhesive on them and made sure the wall was really clean before adhering them.

Even if they stay stuck they look cheap.

I pulled some plastic stick-on 4x4 tiles out of a bathroom once. What a mess! They used globs of construction adhesive to make them stick better and then spread a liberal coat of polyurethane on them!

That is exactly how I felt @Sylvia B.  

They just looked cheap and even in an $85k house that is not the impression I want to present. I am going to go with a glass mosaic tile to make the kitchen look more upscale. Kitchens and baths sell, so I'm not going with cheap junk there. 

I recently put Smart Tiles, Bellagio, model SM1034-6 in my travel trailer kitchen.  It was NOT cheap, either in appearance or price.Luckily we have a connection that gave us a great deal. It applied easily, did not peel off.  The Tiles are NOT plastic.  They are made of something called GEL-O and they are beautiful and super easy to clean. 

I have seen the cheap stick and peel, and they did look cheap, but so does the cheap "real stuff."

We have tentatively scheduled putting the exact same model of tiles in my sons' new rental towards the end of October.

Originally posted by @Sylvia B.:

Even if they stay stuck they look cheap.

Now that's funny.  Well said, Sylvia.

Agree with looking cheap, if your heart isn't set on the mosaics you could do a standard subway tile....such a classic look and always in style and doesn't break the bank either....

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