Acrylic Paint For Shower

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I need to refinish a tile shower. Will have to last 4-6 years. I was told that acrylic paint might be an option. However somebody else told me that the paint will start peeling.

Do you have any experience?

@Stephan K.  What works better is epoxy paint. They sell them in kits at Lowes and Home Depot specifically for bathrooms. It is a little messier and does smell, so make sure you have proper ventilation but it works much better then acrylic and won't peel as long as you properly treat the surface before painting.

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Acrylic is a bad idea, as when it peels, it tends to fall into the drain. With a build up of hair and other things, acrylic will speed up the need for a plumber to come unstop the tub/shower. 

@Stephan K.  - I actually had the same thing done in my primary residence but we paid someone to do it. For 2 bathtubs and the tile around one of those bathtubs as well we paid $500, which wasn't too bad of a price. I probably wouldn't recommend this company specifically because they were not the most polite, but I will definitely be doing this again with my next flip. 

We are approximately a year into the use of the bathtubs and haven't experienced any issues yet. I will caution you the newly painted tub is a bit slippery, even for an adult, so you might want to think about a rubber mat or something to keep from any embarrassing moments! 

Thanks for all your feedback.

All the guys that I use have never worked with epoxy paint.

I came across a company called Miracle Method. Anybody ever used them? Waiting for an offer.

Is this for a rental? Flip? Financing? Yeah maybe stay away from acrylic, use a kit from Lowes like @Nicole Pettis  

said, you'll need two kits for a bath and shower - OPEN A WINDOW, its has a horrible smell that is intense.  They cost like $20 per kit.  Ive used them, they work.

@Stephan K.  Epoxy is like any other paint. However it is oil based and a little thicker than normal paint. It has a longer drying time as well, so make sure no one touches anything for at least 48 - 72 hours, because it has to have time to cure. Make sure that the surface is properly prepared otherwise it won't last.

You'll want to get a good painters mask as well, not those little paper ones and make sure the room is ventilated properly, this stuff stinks. But the end result is amazing! I have used it many times on claw foot bathtubs and while it is very laborious, at the end it looks like a new bathtub!!

I had a pink bathtub that I painted white. The process takes a little while, and you must follow the instructions to the letter. I had never done it before, and it turned out great. Looked like a white tub, rather than a tub that I had painted. It does stink, though. Way cheaper than hiring someone, if you have the time to do it. Read all the instructions before you start. Follow them to the letter. You'll have a great looking finished product. Good luck!

I have used the epoxy paint on a dark blue shower. Turned it briliant white after 3 coats.  Works great but as others have said, make sure you have a respirator.  Even with one I was still getting light headed in a small bathroom with one window.

@Nicole Pettis can you recommend a specific brand.  I see a few that seem to be popular at Home Depot & Lowes like Bathworks & Rust-Oleum but I have also seen reviews stating that people should avoid those brands.

I have heard the concerns regarding slipping and I see that Bathworks now offers a slip resistant additive.

Also, has anyone used these products on the tile surrounds or a backsplash as well as the actual tub?  Any difference in quality with the different application?


@Stephan K. I know it's commonly done but I think it's inadvisable to paint tile in a high traffic, wet location. 

If you don't like the look, perhaps you can change it by using a different color grout, painting the walls a different color or even changing the lighting.  

Why does it only need to last 4-6 yrs?

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This was a year ago. We decided against acrylic paint. I have not found a company that does this for a reasonable price. Also, I have not found a brand that we could apply ourselves that did not have restrictions on the cleaning material being used etc. I was not confident that tenants would treat the painted BR properly.

(The reason I only need this to last for a few years is that we will replace that BR anyway.)

I know this is an old thread but I just tried out the epoxy tube and shower paint kit from Home Depot for a beat-up/chipped shower surround this past weekend. The shower surround took 5 coats of epoxy and two kits to cover all the marks. The worst part was the epoxy over-spray made a mess in the room. Make sure you hang plastic to build a containment around your work area because the aerosol epoxy dust travels far and gets on everything!  The kits are still a cheaper option than installing a new shower surround.