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Hey all,

I'm currently rehabbing a split level house that has a 16' x 8' deck in the front of the house.

The deck is built about 4 feet from the ground and leads to the front door.

I had my landscaper remove a ton of overgrown weeds/ brush from underneath/ around the deck, but now it looks quite bare with the exposed beams atop a pile of mulch. 

Does anyone have any  cost effective suggestions for sprucing up the deck/ front of the house?

My first thought was "cover it up with bushes", but I know very little about transplanting shrubbery, but it's nearing winter, and I imagine this could be fairly costly. 

I'm considering putting lattice around it, but am concerned this might look a bit cheap. 

The after-repair value of the house is going to be around $190,000 in an area where the average home price is ~$210,000. 


What's the façade of the house?  Brick?  Shake?  Siding?

If you have siding or shake, just match that.  If you have brick, modernize the look of the front by using 1x8's, horizontally and spaced about 4" apart as the surround for the deck.  Then plant a couple of bushes and use 1 large planter with a bush in it.  Make sure all your deck and the surround are stained/painted the same.

@Hattie Dizmond  

The facade is a combination of brick and siding.

What do you mean by "match that"? Tack siding to the deck? 

Any preference for the color of the stain?


Combo brick & siding...I'd probably go with the horizontal strips I described above.  If you haven't already refinished the deck, then I would probably go with a complementary, but contrasting color to the siding.  If you have a different trim color, match that.  You want to max out at 3 colors.  For instance, let's say your brick is redish, cream siding, I would probably go with a really deep brick red stain, darker than the brick on the house.  The darker color will enhance the modern feel of the deck.

just my 2 cents.

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