First full renovation is on the market!

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I am passionate about real estate and eagerly await the sale of my second flip.  The first one I bought back in January, rehabbed and moved into for cheap.  This one is the first real deal.  I purchased for 38K, put 15k into it and now have it on the market for 99K.  

Excited to sell this one and move onto the next investment.  

My ultimate goal is to build cash for buy and holds and get into commercial real estate.   

here is the listing.

Exciting. Now time to see if your bet pays off

Looks great! You'll have to update us when it sells and spill all the final numbers

It's beautiful! I saved a couple of your pics for color ideas! Hope it sells quick and for more of your asking price!

Ill keep y'all posted. 

@Mary lou Long I feel like subtle grey tones are way more appealing to the outdated beish and gives it a bit more modern touch. 

@Justin Brewster

Awesome job! Colors look really nice, I totally agree with grey tones and the modern feel, flows really nicely with the stainless steel appliances as well!

I don't know the area, but make sure it is priced at or the tiniest bit below what the market will allow. Better to "leave" $500 on the table than have 4 months of carrying costs trying to chase a few dollars. 

Ditto what everyone else said, it is beautiful. What did you use on the floor in the kitchen?

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