simple contract forms to use for your contractors?

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wondering if anyone has a simple contract that they use with their contractors which covers items such as start and finish dates, liquidated damages, progress payments with milestones, quality of work minimums, insurance requirements, etc.

Im a construction estimator/project manager for my main job and our contracts are of a size that would scare off most small contractors that work on individual properties. Instead of me making up my own, does anyone have any examples they would be willing to provide?

thanks! isaac.

@Isaac Essex  

I think I have one that could help you, just drop me an email and I'll send it to you.

It's in word document form and it's only five pages long, so it shouldn't be to over bearing.

If you all are looking for excellent forms to "go by," I recommend you go to and for the price of your name and email address, you can get J Scott's standard forms.  It's been a while since I went there, but that's what was there last time I checked.

NOTE:  They are EXAMPLES that you should have proofed/approved by an attorney in the state you plan to use them in like anything else you find out here on the Internet!

Usually , the contractor  has the customer sign their contract .  In Maryland , the contractor must supply the customer with the contract containing all the terms and conditions .  If a customer handed me a contract  to sign , that would be a first .

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