What is better in a high end master bath: One big shower or shower and tub

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I am working on flipping a high end home in Yakima, WA and just finished gutting the master bathroom. In the past there was just a sunken tub and now I am trying to figure out if the new bathroom needs a tub at all.  The compromise is that I can fit a shower and tub but they would be a little small or I could just put in a large shower.  

Here is the old tub:

There was a door and wall that I tore out and now here is the space I have to put a shower, toilet and maybe a jetted tub:

Let me know what you think.

shower and tub in my opinion are more valuable. 

I think it depends on what else you have in the house.  For example, if this is the only full bath in the house, then you should definitely install a tub.  Some folks really do want the option of taking baths over showers or they may have small kids who need tubs, etc.  If you have other baths with tubs in the house, you may be ok with a really nice, large shower.

I agree with Andrew S. If there is/are other tub(s) in the house, I would say a master would benefit by an excellent shower if you don't have room for a separate shower and tub.

I agree with @Mark Ferguson here.

On a high-end property, I would expect to see the following in the master bathroom:

  • Soaking Tub
  • Shower w/ Frameless Surround
  • Water Closet
  • Double or Split Vanities

That is what would be expected in my areas, but Im sure its local to your market.

whenever I show houses. People are disappointed to see only a shower in the master even when their are other tubs.  To some it may not matter, but the majority want a tub and shower. 

Thanks for all the quick responses.  The home has 3 bathrooms and it is 2880 sq ft.  One of the other two bathrooms has a tub and shower combo with dual sinks and the 3rd bath has only a shower and single sink.  The master has two sinks plumbed as well.  I am leaning towards having both at this point but may wait to start framing until I have a solid plan.  

I think people expect to see a tub and a shower, but expectations do not equal what  people go gaga over. Its 2 different concepts. If I walk into any full bath room I expect to see a tub and a shower. I don't expect to see a large high end shower that no other house has and makes me say I could easily do without a bath tub in my Master because I have this awesome shower. 

Master bath in that size is a double vanity, water closet, shower and tub.

I made a bit of a mistake, I put a 5' walk-in shower in and a 6'x4' Jacuzzi tub in. Should have been a 4x6 (or longer) shower and a smaller Jacuzzi, a nicer size for a tub is actually smaller than a whirlpool you have on the deck or pool area, that were popular in the past, what is nice is having the tub in a deck space so the little lady can line up all the bath sauces, perfumes, soaking treatments and candles some like to have (while the stereo or big screen is on watching Love Story). Large tubs are out, too much water and very inefficient. Unless you're having a party in the tub, the jets have to be on full blast to get the similar effect of a smaller tub. You also will have cold water in the tub before your bath is over, you're constantly running hot water. Lesson learned. I tore out the pool side model and replaced it with a smaller tub and larger deck area, As to the shower, there are aftermarket spa towers that are nice. Don't forget the towel warming bars! :)    

No matter where there is another tub in the house, there is a percentage of people (typically women) who want a tub in their master.  You just have to weigh that you may lose a buyer because of that when it comes to higher end houses.

For our high end flips, we are now doing 2 masters - one up and one down and typically only do shower and tub down.  Even with 2 masters, we have heard some comments about the lack of a tub in the master upstairs, even though there is always a tub in the common bath upstairs.

A small tub and separate shower is better than a really big shower.  Even if everyone knows the tub will be used infrequently, it will help sell the house.  The idea of relaxing in a bathtub is as important as actually doing the relaxing.  

Styles vary, of course, but I have had good luck with tub selection and value at Signature Hardware as a more affordable alternative to Pottery Barn / Restoration Hardware. 

A whirlpool tub, dual sinks and a very spacious shower separately.



Definitely a walk-in shower with separate tub.  Bubble jets are easier to maintain than full jetted tubs, and can accommodate bath products.  I would recommend a heated tub model if you're doing a high end flip.  As @Bill Gulley  points out, the water gets cold after a very short time.

Good luck!

Okay everyone, I am putting in a tub and shower.  I will keep you posted with picks as the project progresses.

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