Need a name for my LLC

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Need a name for my LLC. Going into partnership with someone and wanted J & J Homes LLC but it is taken. Can't think of anything else. Any ideas?

Come up with something you like, just not too cutsey. Something that sounds prestigious, yet not too stuff, that is somehow tied to what you are doing. We chose Silverwood Capital, LLC because it sounded nice, and while sort of vague, its not cutesy or too stuffy.

You can try JJ Homes, or Double J Homes or J&J Investment Properties, or just sit in a quiet area for a few and I am sure you will have a few ideas, have a pen and paper and try to come up with 10 or more and pick the one you like. Let us know what you choose.

Hm, I like J&J Investment Properties.   Or what about J&J Custom Homes?

Other than adding properties, investments or something similer to the end it would be pretty difficult for us to come up with something else. 

When I develop names for a new company, I start with an internet domain registration site to check if the .com version(s) my potential names are available. If the .com name is available, then it is unlikely that another company is using that name. If it is not available, then I start iterating or changing the name until I find one for which the .com name is available. I always want to own the .com registration for my company name so that I can protect the name and develop a web site in the future. 

I think "J&J Custom Homes" sounds like you build the homes, while "J&J Investment Properties" sounds like you own and rent the homes out.  Personally, I like J&J Investment Properties better. 

Agree with Ron's approach.

The hardest part of getting my LLC up and running was finding a name not already in use.

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