Ideas For Inexpensive But High End Look For Old Ceramic Bathroom Counters

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Not looking to spend $500 + labor&materials on replacing a counter. Any ideas anyone? 

Painted possibly ? And if so; what product to use ?

Do you have pictures of what's already there?

What's your budget?  I just picked up a couple of these at the price posted on that page, and I would bet you'd be thrilled with new in the box products like that:

So find building surplus or liquidator nearby and see what they might have ...

@Dawn A.  

I will work on getting you a pic. In the meantime give me your thoughts on the material.

It's the old cultured marble/ceramic look. Can that be painted?

You can paint. The result may well look better than the current cultured marble. It will not look "high end" by any stretch of the imagination.

There are Menard's stores in Wichita, KS. Last time I lived near one was a couple of years ago, but they sold those off-the-shelf granite counters that look really nice.

If you're not ready to spend $500 on your counter, just leave the counter alone.   

Clean it and leave it alone.  

@Steve Babiak  

Approximately what do you (or anyone else on here) pay for labor once they have the counter and sink already pre cut and ready to lay including plumbing hook up? $100 ?

Look up enviro tex[ tech?] lite.  Make your counter top look like granite for just a few dollars.  I love the stuff 

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