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I am currently working on the exterior colors of this house I'm rehabbing.  I've included an as-is photo and two photoshopped versions of what I am thinking of going with.  Your thoughts on the to-be would be appreciated!


To-be option 1 (red door):

To-be option 2 (black door to match shutters):

Thank You!


@Ross K.  

Love the red door.  I would match the siding to the brick, and loose the white/light trim.  Instead I would probably go with a darker taupe/warm gray on the trim, including around the garage doors.  I think the ultra light trim just washes the house out.

My 2 cents

Hattie makes good points!  And FWIW, I'm a real estate stager.

@Ross K.  I like the red door. What commercial color is that?

@Steve Babiak   , I started with SW 6866 Heartthrob, but somewhere along of the way of editing the photo it came out darker than what it was originally.  the hex code is now 4e0303, which is much more maroon than bright red.

I'd maybe take it one shade darker and slightly warmer, then - yes...I would do the shutters as well.

I like the red door better as well

I personally think it's too red, I'd go more burnt orange, or the same color as the trim.  Also, I'd paint the garage doors. I wouldn't paint the shutters the same as the door. The rule is to accent what you want to draw your eye to. Notice, the stark white draws your eye, and that's not what you want the most noticed feature of the house to be. 

Have you tried going on to Sherman Williams Paint and trying out the color visualizer? You can check out the color combos they have too. Color Visualizer

Okay, so total newbie here. What program is that?  Super cool!

A definite Yes on the shutters.  They add a lot to the front of the house.  and you are definitely on the right track with the grey!

Looks like a Cottage White Neutral for the main portion, and a red door to make the place 'pop' and draw attention to the entrance;  good choice

@Jamie Wooley  I'm just using photoshop to "paint" the house. I'm using Sherwin Williams color visualizer tool from their website to grab the rgb/hex codes of the colors I like in order to reproduce it in Photoshop. 


@Ross K

Thanks so much!  I will try and play around with it.  I am not too tech savy but I should be able to figure it out.  Sounds easy enough!


I am a realtor in the Greater Philadelphia area. One thing I tell people to keep in mind when renovating with the end goal to sell, pick one feature to be your character feature. If you begin to overly "customize" you begin to limit your pool of potential buyers. Non-investor home buyers typically don't understand or see how simply/cheaply they can fix an aspect of a property they do not like and end up not placing an offer on a house that with an extra $1,000 to $5,000 is their dream home. 

Having said that I suggest:

1) Red door - its the perfect curb appeal statement feature that any homeowner understand is a quick fix if they don't like it

2) Shutters - Without the shutters the facade seems to lack depth/looks odd 

Keep them blue, black, grayish (Neutral) 

3) Siding should match the brick

4) The trim is your call (Personally I would paint it the same as the shutters - Gray/Neutral)

@Ross K.

Great question its awesome to see someone put some real time and thought into flipping the house. 

I think the best concept is to go with a 4 color paint system on the outside of a house. 

1. Base

2. Trim (includes fascia, soffit, gutters and downspouts)

3. Accent (shutters, garage doors, flower boxes)

4. Front Door

Couple thougts here:

1. Base - color should be something that fits in with the neighborhood, I am not for just blending in but I also don't want to stick out like a sore thumb.

2. Trim - I never paint my trim white mainly because every flipper in the world paints their trim bright white trim right off the shelf from HD. So I paint my different. 

3. Accent - This is the color that most people miss cause they either just paint it the trim or base color. I want my accent to nicely "accent" the house, not blend in. 

4. Front Door - This is what I want to pop or draw attention. Now for me I will only use this color on the front door and NO where else. It is meant to make a statement if you paint other things that color it loses its "uniqueness".

Think about a nicely dressed man in a suit and tie. 

Base color is the Suit

Trim color is the shirt

Accent color is the hankerchief or pocket square in the front of the coat pocket

Front Door Color is the tie

If you out them all together correctly it will really pop.

Below is a before an after of one of our flips using the 4 color paint system. 

Hope it helps!


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