Alarm Systems for flips in progress

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Developer I know got wiped out of appliances and heating units in a high end new home in a good neighborhood earlier this year.  House was not alarmed. Thiefs broke a window and cleaned it out.

Looking for alarm recommendations that are "portable" from house to house.  Appreciate any input.  Something that is high end enough that it works...

@John Weidner

Try - I am not affiliated with them nor have I used them yet.  You can buy a customizable system that is completely wireless and have it monitored through a cellular signal that is built in for just $15/ month with no contract! I have looked into them a little bit, and heard their adds on the radio. You install the wireless components yourself and can move them from house to house. It seems like a great solution to me. Fortunately I have been investing in areas recently where I haven't had any theft problems, but I have had lots of tools and appliances stolen and that is why I looked into it a while back. I wonder if anyone has used them on BP and what there experience has been?

We have used a Fortress Security system in the past.  It is a self-monitored system, which means it will call/text you when something is triggered.

Maybe several deterrents can do the trick.. ADT security signs, simulated TV, put a couple lamps on timers, etc. 

I would recommend looking into a "Videofied" system. The upfront cost can be pricey for residential (think between 1500-3000) with monthly monitoring costs of approx. $90 (at least for commercial). 

This system is motion activated and sends a 10 second video clip to you and the monitoring company. Many police departments now allow these alarms to be "priority" calls that they go directly to check out since it is verified by video evidence.

I am not affiliated with this product however I have and am using it at various commercial properties. We installed the video motion viewers with a strobe light and alarm siren. I've watched the 10 second videos of thieves/trespassers walk up and bolt after hearing the siren.

Experience: Commercial property management


I did a review of simplisafe here

So far I really like the system.  It is great because I can set it up to page me when alarm is disabled, enabled, or goes off.  You can set it up yourself.  I had a few issues setting mine up but worked through it.  On my next one, I am going to set up the motion detector on a post or something that I can take with me to the next project.

For the higher price of $25ish you can have the option to remotely configure & turn on/off your system.  

I have had 1 issue with it. For some reason it wasn't reporting or sending me texts.  Support said it would still work if the alarm went off, but I don't think it would.  Now, just for kicks I remotely turn it off then back on via the smart phone app to test the texting feature and make sure it is still working.  

I plan on continuing to use it on future projects.  I highly recommend it.  I don't get paid by simplisafe etc.

I use simplisafe and  love the product,,and I don't work for them either

sounds like I'll have to give simplisafe a try.  Reviews online look good

Funny timing but i got to accidentally test the system tonight on my flip.  Plumbers were showing up.  They set the alarm off at 9:17pm, I got the txt within seconds, at 9:18 my phone was ringing from alarm dispatch checking on the alarm.  Luckily I knew the plumbers were coming by so I told them to cancel.  Plumbers called a few minute later to explain.  I think that timing is as good as it gets.

I would also suggest : simplisafe 

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