I Need The Opinion Of The Bigger Pockets Crew! No Idea What To Do Here:) House Style

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Hey, I'm looking for some help here.. I really like the location and the plot of land this house is on.. my wife is stonewalling me over the look of the house.  I'd be willing to put $100,000, $150,000+ in to updating the house's structure, but in order to change the look of this house what would it take?  I'm almost thinking it's better to bulldoze it.. ha.  Then just rebuilding the house on the foundation.. Personally, I'd live in a 1000 sqft box, but my wife is really picky w/ the way the house looks.. 

I figured if anyone could help me out here it would be the fine people at Bigger Pockets!

Any ideas would be awesome.. Thanks!

Nice house - just curious though: Is the brick to the left a garage? Whats behind that wall? If it' isn't a garage and another widow could go there you might could re arrange the landscaping, and if money is plentiful after go grander with the dormer.

No expert on design just a quick view thought...

Hey @Timothy Riley  , thanks for the response.. It is a garage to the left..  A windiow still might look good though.. my wife is more in to the new houses.. 2 floors, etc.. the roof on this is pretty sloped.. 

Ideally we'd take the roof off.. add another floor and put the roof back on.. ha.

hard to suggest changes without knowing more specifically what she doesn't like.  You say she likes 'newer' and it sounds like 2 story, but most 'contemporary' (new in style) are ranch...

That Grand Dormer might end up an additional floor. Landscaping would make a world of a difference = lining things up in a different way including the walk way. Keep us posted when changes are done... 

I failed to mention i'm single so you might not want my advice anyway LOL.

There are 3 styles below.. 1st 2 are what she prefers, 3rd is something she's ok with:

Delete 3 never settle on an upgrade that large. 1&2 are nice 2 fits my choice of styles.

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