How much to run all new duct work?

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4 runs total. 2 bed rooms, kitchen/living room.

house is on a crawl space. furnace/ac is already in place and works. just need duct work.

just got a quote for $3300. seems very high....

that quote is including materials.

That quote seems high, but if they are pulling permits and your municipality requires a duct test... the costs start to go up. 

Agreed...seems high...

Get a couple more bids...

Just as a comparison... we are replacing HVAC on a small (900 sq.ft.) 3/1 house, 8 runs, new Goodman split system (2 ton). The duct break out was $1600 for a test-ready installation... so it averages $200 per run, parts and labor. We provided all the existing system demo, replaced the 4x10 'boots', framed in the return (we relocated it from a floor return to a end-of-hall wall return), and paid for permits and the third party duct test. Their side is all the rest of the test-ready installation (ducts, custom made return w/grill, plenums, and mastic sealants).  

ended up getting it done for $1550 total. 550 of which was parts, 1000 in labor.

6 duct runs.

Nice Mike!! Due diligence by getting more bids is key!

I just added returns to my three bedrooms. My guy charged me $250 per return.

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