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Good Morning All,

I'd love to hear about the colors rehabbers are using for kitchens/baths.  I am doing my first kitchen gut.  I have only had to do baths in the past and spruce up the kitchen.  This time, the kitchen and 2.5 baths are being gutted.  We use a neutral color on all walls in the home.


1. Suggested kitchen colors and suggested bath colors?

2. Do you use the same colors in ALL bathrooms AND the kitchen?  Or Same for all bathrooms and different for kitchen?

3. Do you match vanity style to kitchen, but maybe a different color than kitchen cabinets OR totally different style OR do you make all bathrooms similar yet different from the kitchen.

House located in East Cobb, GA if that matters, but not a real high end house (ARV about $200,000). Cost is not really a factor because paint and vanities will cost the same regardless of color.

I'd just like to hear what other experienced flippers are doing.

Thank you.  Great Day everyone.

At $200k in east cobb....unless it's just a terrible house with a downhill driveway, I'd go very basic on everything.  Our flips are a bit different but we've been using a terracota on some of the kitchens and baths and a wicker rocker on some baths (think soft gold/wheat).  For our rentals, we usually do kitchen same as main living areas in an off white with some accent walls around the house.  Take a run up to Porter Paints on main street in woodstock and get their new designer picks fan wheel.  There you will find about 100 "most" popular selling colors plus a package of 5 or 6 colors that designers have drawn together as a family.  Some great choices there that are going to look good no matter what.  Most don't realize it but Porter has a good chunk of the higher end new construction in east cobb.  

I get my colors from Carol Scott, J Scott's wife.  I paint all of my rental and flips SW Realist Beige on the inside and have never had any complaints only compliments.  

Keep it neutral beige or tan. Gray can be used as a neutral, BUT you have to be careful so as not to looking depressing. Also, consider the house, does it get a lot of natural light? What is popular in your area? Are there any model homes around? If so, go check them out for ideas. You want to keep it simple so that it will go with most peoples furnishings, and not get to personal on color. Good luck. 

@Kalimah Jenkins  

The two most popular staging colors are:

• Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore HC-170

• Bennington Gray by Benjamin Moore HC-82

Also Rever Pewter & Manchester Tan - Benjamin Moore

For bathrooms, if you don't want to do them in the same color.

Tranquil Spa from Benjamin Moore is my favorite. It is a great color for a bathroom, gives it that tranquil spa feel and will go great with neutrals. 

Hope this helps! Great job on your flip! Would love to see before and after.

@Nicole Pettis  Thank you for those photos.  I love that bathroom color.  Now, I am sure that I won't match the baths to the rest of the home. We do use the tan color on the walls.  Just wasn't certain what to do with the baths or the kitchen.

Great advice so far.  I'm going to check some of those out.

Did I mention that I am hooked on bigger pockets.  What a great resource!!!

Is the kitchen open concept? If so, then I would stay with the same color that you are using throughout the house. If its not, then you would want to do something more complementary, probably lighter than what you are doing in the rest of the house, but staying in the family. Hope that makes sense.

@Nicole Pettis  that does make sense and we are going to knock down a wall to make it open to the dining room inasmuch as the kitchen sits at the very back of the house open to the living room on the left but only a small doorway to the dining room on the right.  Thank you for your help.

I use a color from Sherwin Williams called Softer Tan that can be tinted in many other paint brands. And all walls get that color. Ceilings get white, trim gets semi-gloss white. 

What you really want to do is pick out all the finish colors first, so you have a design that looks coordinated. So tile, countertop, backsplash, cabinet colors, and wall colors - all get chosen to coordinate before you install any of that. 

I think some were unclear from my post.  We have wall color.  We always use the same.  I was asking whether baths should ALL be the same and whether Kitchen should be a totally different color than baths and rest of home.

Also, should vanities in baths match the kitchen cabinets, but maybe use a different color (same style, different colors) AND should all baths have the same vanities or should I do them a little different for more character.  Costs are the same either way.

Thanks all.

I use Sherwin Williams Paint for a lot of my projects, here are some photos where I used the ProMar 400 and ProMar 200 Paint products.  #sw6120 - Believable Buff is a great mid-tone color and #sw6122 camelback on living room or family rooms.  I use antique white on my trims.  My pricing in amazing at almost 40% off with the Community Buying Group program.   Stick with semi-gloss or eggshell on the walls and I go with an enamel on cabinets.  Ben 816-585-7027

@Ben Rao thanks for that info. I actually went right into Sherwin to price paint. Their 40% off sale begins on Friday. So instead of the Pro Mar (no special but $28 gal with REIA discount), I going for HGTV Home for $25. Wait B&G until Friday. Thanks.

The house I am currently flipping we did the kitchen in a grey which was different than the rest of the house.  I loved it.  I plan on doing it again if the conditions are right.  this house was open but had a natural border than worked well to a color transition.

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