Investing in Solar? High Risk?

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Hello everyone! 

I am interested in flipping, wholesaling, and renting solar properties in the Los Angeles area. Very new to the BP forums but I have been on this site almost everyday for the past two months. Not a lot of info on solar homes. 

From an experienced investors perspective what are the risk involved in investing in solar homes? Also, how hard from your experience would it be to find a small investment (10K) to get the property in escrow?

Please let me know if I am missing anything or need to provide more information. I'm here to learn!

@Jessica Mason   

Welcome! I'm not sure about where to point you with regards to solar homes but I attached a couple of podcasts that may yield clues (if you haven't already listened to them).

Also for what it's worth, this seller financed duplex (two buildings on the lot) keeps going on and off the market. One day it's pending the next it's not. I've been watching it for a year and have visited the area and check out the place before I got into a duplex recently.

Like I said, no particular reason to throw this out other than it looks "interesting" and a potentially opportunity.

All the best in your search!

Thank you I looked at it and its pending but I will keep an eye out. 

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