Where can I get cheap appliance packages?? Besides the chain stores...

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Would like to hear where people find their appliance packages...

@Tyler Smiarowski , when I bought my personal residence, I used the Iowa Appliance Center. They're in Marion... they give you a small discount if you buy a whole set. I think we're going to use them for appliances for our flip. 


Curious to see what other people use, too. Good post!

Georgia has a few scratch and dent stores that sell everything from ovens, mircowaves, stoves, refrigerators, and washer and dryers. Most scratch and dents develop good relationships with rental investors because they know they'll receive the repeat business. Check to see if there are any in your area.

We've bought some recently at Star Appliance in Marion.  They have some decent deals on scratch and dent and some of their new stuff is reasonably priced too - plus they gave us a small discount for buying multiples and let you store them there for a while after you buy.

@Tyler Smiarowski

Have you tried craigslist? I've heard a few people say they get their appliances from there.

Craigslist was my answer as well because oftentimes folks are clearing out the entire new appliances in a home they just bought to put in their preferred appliances. Also a good go to for the smaller appliance repair stores that sell their repaired items on CL, sometimes with a brief store warranty.

Try Sears Outlet Stores. Oftentimes you can find separate appliances of the same brand far less than "packages" at the big box stores. And yes, you can find good deals on appliances other than scratch and dent. Or the scratch or dent may be on the side or back where it's out of view. And they have refurbished products, too. 

I personally use craigslist for the stove and fridge. The down-side with used appliances is moving them and the longevity. However, for the discount, I can afford to buy replacements.  Microwaves at big box stores are $150.  The most difficult one is the dishwasher.  Used dishwashers are generally nasty.

If you buy appliances on craigslist, write yourself a receipt so you can depreciate the purchase on your taxes appropriately (and send use tax to the state).

Ikea has appliances but they're not much cheaper than big box stores.

In the Twin Cities we have some scratch and dent places including Appliancesmart.

I think the answer will vary by region.  When I lived in the northeast, PC Richard (a large appliance store in the tri-state area) had a wholesale division that sold to mom & pop appliance stores.  They also sold to apartment complexes and real estate developers if you have a corporation and set up a commercial account with them. 

A lot of places also have "scratch and dent" items that they will sell you at a discount (generally stuff that got dinged or scratched during a delivery and the store had to take back). 

We use Appliance Smart for our appliance purchases - Scratch and dent, but usually it's tough to see the dents, on the sides - cabinets hide them!

We also used a local mom and pop store that repaired used appliances. Half the price of new, with a short warranty. 

Had some good luck with both sources.

I've seen good and bad deals on Craigslist - All I can say is Buyer Beware!

Welcome to BP. 

Sometimes you could buy appliances at (rent a center) stores where appliances are in fairly good shape and you could buy them at a deep discounted price. 

Hope it helps.

I like the package pricing at Best Buy (Pacific Sales) for the low end flips. I just went shopping this week for an upgraded package and found the lowest price and free delivery at Lowes. I also agree that Sears Outlet or even Sears can have some great deals on returned or closeout items.

I agree too, Sears Outlet.  I got a nice stainless steel kitchen a few weeks ago for around $1500. You can look at the stock and prices online, but make sure you actually go to the store to view any scratch and dent items.  Some are fine, some are not.  

I like sears outlet and other discount appliance stores in the our area. I also like commercial/contractors/builders packages available at Lowes or home depot. The package for four can be bought at a decent price. Works well if you have their card that gives you another 5% discount.

One more place to try is The Appliance Barn in Kalona, IA.  They are fair priced and service is excellent. 

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