Where are you getting your best deals?

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I'm curious to see where everyone is finding their deals! 



Direct Marketing?


Let us know!  We are west of Chicago and always looking to network!!

Hi Terry, 

I've got them all from MLS, Auctions and networking so far!

Keep looking, there are always good deals out there, it just takes a lot of time and offers to get them.

Also, be prepared to act and accept that 80% of the due diligence is better than 100% of due diligence done and no more property to bid on, as it was snatched by someone else while you were trying to figure out all the details.

Good luck to you!

Wholesalers and some on MLS. Areas like Elgin and southside still have deals but the areas in between are few and far between.

My favorite realtor.  :)

Of course he's gotten them through regular MLS listings, estate sales, pocket listings, through his network of fellow brokers - and from wholesalers. In Chicago we've picked up some good deals by buying judicial certs from wholesalers who pick them up at auction. That strategy you take on some more risk (and work) compared to a traditional purchase but as long as the property is discounted enough, there's a built-in cushion.

MLS and FSBO's Ive had no luck with wholesalers in the areas I target

An experienced and reliable Realtor can provide you good property deals. The easiest place where Realtors often get a great deal on a house is the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. Sometimes, great deals could also be found in foreclosure auctions.

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