Where to fit dishwasher? (Pics)

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I'm currently in the process of updating a unit in a duplex I recently purchased.  In order to update the kitchen and make it more appealing to renters in my area I plan on inserting a dishwasher.

However, my contractor and I cannot seem to figure how/where to place the dishwasher.  All of the cabinets are 18" and the dishwasher is 24".  I could always purchase a 18"wide dishwasher, but they retail for around $600.  

I've taken pictures the the current kitchen configuration.  There is a countertop gas grill and the gas line runs below the grill into the cabinets.  I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions!  

What's to the left of the sink around the corner?  Is there enough room there?

If not - I see your 2 options are to purchase the 18" dishwasher or change out the cabinet bases(not really a good economic choice).  In my experience with dishwashers they usually last about 5-7 years.

Are you replacing the cabinets or not?  If not to the right of the sink, use old cabinet pieces for filler pieces and add a small contrasting island for storage,  probably painted and you can pick them up ready to go. 

If replacing cabinets I would reconfigure. Still put the dishwasher to the right of the sink but add a 15 or 18 inch pantry somewhere and let the tenants purchase an island or not. That half wall has some potential.  Bring it up to counter height for more counter space  or put cabinets in it depending on what is on the other side. You can stack wall cabinets for a nice pantry if it is not so deep.

I advise not to put dishwashers in the corner. It is a pain, you can only stand to one side and you have to use a spacer to not hit the knobs on the cabinets.

Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm not replacing the cabinets. The only change I plan on making is to hopefully insert a dishwasher with minimal disruption and decent cosmetic results.

I wouldn't put one in until you eventually update that kitchen. I've found that dishwashers are nice, but not a huge feature in rentals. I always put them in when redoing a kitchen, as they cost the same as the cabinet that would go in it's place and they do add some value. 

Having said that, if you insist on putting one in, your best bet would be to the right of the sink and reconfiguring that cabinet. You would need to take the doors to a woodworker and see if he could make those same doors in a 12" width. You could then reconfigure the cabinet to accomadate a dishwasher. Your other alternative would be a portable dishwasher.

Portable dishwasher, as Rob suggested. Might consider a center island directly in front of the sink, pull out a portable or do the plumbing. Sure wouldn't buy a $600 one, I'd wait for an update too. :) 

Gut and update the kitchen now.  Remove the existing cabinets intact if possible.  Sell those for $200 on craigslist.  Sell the double oven and fridge for $200 on craigslist.  Put the new 36" fridge where the old double-oven was.  24" wide base cabinet where the old fridge was.  To the left of that, put the new electric stove (need to have >15" counter space on either side of a cooktop).  Install an over the stove microwave.  To the left of that put the new dishwasher.  Left of that will be the sink with shiny new faucet.  Fill-in with corner cabinet, etc.

New cabinets $2000.

New SS dishwasher and microwave $700.

Used SS fridge and stove $1000.

New granite counter top $800.

Sink, faucet $500.

You'll be all-in for $5k. After tax deductions, you'll be at $3.5k (consult your tax pro). Raise rent $200/mo. (ROI ~= 40%) The improvement will pay for itself in 2 years and the property value will increase >$10k.

...that assessment is fairly unrealistic but might be worth consideration.

Is it possible to remove the lower oven? I have seen places that have the dishwasher directly below a single wall oven.

All your base cabinets aren't 18". From that last pic you posted, it looks like it's 36" than an 18".  I would, take out that corner one (18") and move the second one to the over to the right. You can put the 24" dishwasher where the big one used to be. 

Now...you've got 6" of extra space, left over. Try using fillers and put 1.5" on each side of the dishwasher and a 3" filler between the last cabinet and the wall.  All done and no need for new cabinets. 

@Rick L.  and put in new cabinets. If the rents in the area are low and renting without a dishwasher could be done, I would skip it until I had the budget for new cabinets.

However, if you really want/need one in that market I would look at the opposite wall.   There is a ladder in the first couple of pictures, is that wall blank?  If so I would consider moving the fridge to that side and building in a writing/computer table.  That way it will not have to match the other cabinets on the other side and it also gives you more counter space.  I would then move the the all 4 boxes that are to the right of the sink 36 inches to the right. Obviously you will need new counter tops, but you probably need to do that anyway.

This design will give the user space put things down on both sides of the sink and cook top. Additionally you will have created a kitchen triangle between your sink/fridge/range which is theoretically the best flow for a kitchen.

Post pictures when you are done.

Good luck!


You need the dishwasher

Put it to the right or left of the sink which ever works

Reconfigure your cabinets as many have suggested and buy a full size Dishwasher and do not pend more then $300 or $400 on it.   

18" inch dishwashers are more expensive and no one likes them

 You will be happy you made the full size dishwasher  choice

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