Kitchenaid vs. Frigidaire Pro Appliances -- PERCEPTION ?? Savings?

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We are about to purchase complete appliances for a flip here in Memphis with ARV around $500,000. We are leaning towards going with Kitchenaid but our GC suggests the Frigidaire Pro, which will save about $1k. I think the look of the Kitchenaid is worth more than $1k, but I have been staring at appliances too much these last couple of days!

Since we are selling a perception, do you perceive Kitchenaid being better than Frigidaire?  

> We are purchasing:

Refrigerator (French doors, 2 drawers)

Dishwasher (Controls out of view)

Double Ovens (Kitchenaid has the blue inside, Frigidaire does not)

5 Burner Cooktop (Kitchenaid has the controls in a straight line, Frigidaire has 2 rows staggered)


Microwave (Kitchenaid looks like an oven with pull down door, Frigidaire looks like typical built-in microwave)

The cheapest I have found these are at Lowe's, with their sale that ends tomorrow + 5% back on my Lowe's credit card.

Any input would be appreciated!

For what its worth, we had Frigidaire Pro series for our fridge, stove, microwave, and dishwasher that we bought 6 years ago.  We have since replaced everything but the microwave with Kitchenaid.  Was not impressed with the dishwasher at all.  The fridge kept frying its mother board at the first sign of lightening, the stove has a broken element and fried jet controller.  

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