Quit Claim Deed not reflected on Property Appraiser's Site?

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I'm sending letters to properties that appear either vacant or not well maintained in my local area (FL).  I searched the property appraiser's site and found the person that the county says is the current owner.  However, when searching this person's name in the court records it appears that the "owner" executed a Quit Claim deed to another owner over 10 years ago.  What gives?  Does anyone know why the property appraiser's site would reflect information for someone who has not owned the property in over a decade?

(Also, in looking at the tax bill it is still in the name of the original owner and not the new owner)

I'm pretty certain I'm missing something easy... just don't see it.

Originally posted by @Mark Bosworth :

Hey Mark. I'm in contract with a property right now that had a quit claim deed recorded 6mo ago that isn't showing but they found it in the title search but a decade ago. What's crazy. Hope your doing well and finding deals my friend. 

JPaul from PIG

Look at the QCD carefully.  Sometimes there will be a typo in the name or legal description, so even though it gets recorded, the property appraiser won't recognize it for a transfer of the property.  I've never seen the prop appraiser "miss" a proper deed.  I'd be interested in the answer, if you call them and find out why.  Do mention me if you do.

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