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First I must say that I am a complete newbie to wholesaling. However I'm not new to marketing. I am a professional videographer. I also have high-end cameras. I was thinking as a marketing perk I could include high end/high quality video to accompany the information and pictures of properties that I have under contract.  I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions on this tool from the perspective of other wholesalers or investors/rehabbers. 

It's been done for years, look at the MLS for links, Realtor sites, it's a virtual home tour. :)

O ok. Ive seen them but the virtual tours would end up being just a bunch of photos so I didn't know that people actually presented point of view videos. Thanks

I'm guessing you mean, using video of these properties to help you attract CASH BUYERS to your deals, right?

In that case - YES - this is an excellent idea.  Many wholesalers send out emails with very little info and maybe a pic or two.  It's takes real research time to figure out if it is in fact a deal.  If it's too much work, we pass on it.

But if your emails to cash buyers have a link that says - SEE THE PROPERTY - and a cash buyer clicks on it and it's like they are now WALKING THRU THE PLACE, room by room, see the yard front and back, see the street and surrounding properties...  now that is VALUABLE for the cash buyer - it SAVES time as they may not even feel like they need to go out to the property before talking numbers with you.

Make it easy for YOUR customers and bring them good deals and you will become one of their favorite wholesalers.

P.S. I'm a video / marketing / real estate guy myself!  =)

videos are tremendously important, create blog posts and post your videos there. Market yourself to the world. 

Also it is important to get deals at the right price...so always learn....a wise man is always learning...bless you.

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