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Hello, I recently got engaged and am thinking of how to make some money to pay for the wedding.  I have read and heard about people flipping a house or two to make the money to pay for their wedding.  Has anyone on here done this?  Any advice on how to do it?  Or any suggestions on how to use real estate in a different way to make the money?  

hello @Adam Lynch  

If I were you I would head on over to to get a 50,000 foot view of the real estate investing world.

I myself am somewhat new, but I would advise being very careful jumping in to raise cash for something so close in the future (depending on how far away the wedding will be) but my point is don't jump into it to fast. However, having goals is a great motivator. Start educating yourself on the basics and enjoy!

Congratulations on your engagement!

I don't think anyone here would think of flipping a house a  'sure money' thing, but if you buy right and know what you are doing with rehab and pricing it could certainly work.

 I would however propose that doing a house flip WITH your fiancee is a great way to find out how compatible you really are, LOL!

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