Ceiling Fans: Good or Bad for Flips?

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When flipping properties, what is your opinion of having ceiling fans?  I've heard most of the cons relate to the design and look of the home.  I've heard most of the pros relating to people like having a ceiling fan.

Can anyone weigh in on their experience of whether ceiling fans add or take away value in a home?  Also, if you use ceiling fans, what rooms do you use them in?

There is no question I think that ceiling fans are nicer.  If your selling the home and not managing it after you sell it then go with fans.  Like us, we only do globe lights, cheaper ceiling fans tend to break easier, make noise, chain breaks, etc.....

Trying to eliminate tenant damage to the fans!

I think they add some perceived value compared to a cheap light fixture.  I wouldn't put them in any rooms that have a low ceiling under 8 feet.

Put them in the living room if the ceilings are high enough. They make the room look and feel homier. I think most buyers like the idea of having a ceiling fan and they really aren't very expensive. 

@Coleman Nelson

Great question. 

I think it is better to look at it as if 

"Is it required for me to install a fan in my area to sale this house"

Meaning, I have done 100's of flips and what I noticed is that there are something that I can pull out or not do in certain areas and it does not affect the sale of my house. And one of those items are ceiling fans. 


When I flip in Chicago area I never install fans under 200k houses as I just don't have to to sale my house. 

When I flip in Atlanta I put fans in almost all rooms as it is for the most part required (not by law but by heat). 

You are in a unique area between both of those states so I think what I would look at instead of weather is maybe price range. My breaking point as always been 200k ARV gets fans.

Hope that helps. 


Personally I do not care if it adds to value - they are very inexpensive to place in a house. To me it is practical - they keep the air moving. Be it conditioned, or heated. The fans now have reversible controls that allow the air to be drawn up, or blown down. I would not advise putting in the kitchen or dining area. They can affect the cooking process. In the dining, they tend to cool the food down during the meals.

I agree with Andrew. You don't need them on houses under $200k. If you're doing it yourself you can put up a nice $10 dome light in 10 min.  A fan takes over an hour and costs a lot more.  I say, "why do it if you don't have to."  It won't help your appraisal and if you can sell without it, you've saved a little.

Thanks for all of your advice so far.  I will most likely have to adjust the $200k rule to fit my market.  The median home price here is only $140k, so if I would put a limit on it, I think $100k would be more reasonable.

I'm in the desert... It's required. It's SOOOO cheap to add fans over lights. We always try to do it in living rooms, master bedroom or any rooms with high ceilings.
All the comps have it... We need to have it.

Every house, regardless of state and price level (and I do stuff from $80K houses to $1M+ houses in three different states)...

For low-end houses, you're generally looking at 3-4 rooms that would get fans, and the price difference is about $50 -- so, for $150-200 you can have fans in every bedroom and living room.  

You'd have a hard time proving to me that the perceived and/or real increased value isn't at least $200 in any house...

i have to agree with @J Scott .  I'm buy and hold, but I put them in every single rental regardless of neighborhood or price point.  I think it's a reflection of the overall quality of your rehab (something even tenants are clued into).  Tenants notice and like them as a feature.  As a potential buyer looking at your flip, one question I would ask is if you can't spend the little extra money to put in fans, what else have you cut corners on?  

I have the same opinion as @JScott in that I put them in every house, regardless of price point, in the bedrooms and family room.  The only difference is the brand and finish of the fan that we install.

I definitely install ceiling fans in bedrooms to replace existing fixtures.  I typically don't add a ceiling fan in a room if the circuitry is not in place though...

You can  buy a Hampton Bay ceiling fan for $70 to $100 and it is a nice upgrade from a dome light.

We only put ceiling fans in the master and maybe the living room.  We never bother to put them in the 2nd, 3rd, etcs.. bedrooms.

In general our standard renovation plans for flips include ceiling fans for all of the bedrooms but before making the final decision we always look @ pictures of the comparables that have sold in the last 6 months.  If the properties we're comparing our renovation to exclude fans then we'll consider excluding them from our renovation plans. 

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