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I purchased a commercial property that has a 100+ year old house on it. Unfortunately the house has to be torn down. I would like to salvage all of the good wood inside the house and ideally profit from it.  Any suggestions on how to find people willing to pay to remove the wood.  this is in Cincinnati Ohio. 

Thank you!!!

If its a teardown wooden house, then how much of the wood is salvageable? Enough for a cabinet or two(just asking)? You're looking to flip the century old wood or use it for another project?



Look online for wood reclamation or salvage companies. It may be dry rotted beyond reasonable use, but one never knows. Depending on what type of wood it is, there's probably someone out in your area that will have a use for it. 

Thanks for the fast replies.  My intention was to find someone willing to come in and take the wood for a price.  Good point, the amount of wood in the house is probably not worth the effort.  The salvage companies I found really only want old barns, which there are plenty of around here.  

Thanks Again!


Don't give up on the salvage aspect totally. Make a few calls - local HBA or Remodel ***. There is a growing demand for seasoned - antique wood in the construction industry. If it is in your power try and recycle everything you can. Best of luck.

@Ash Patel , I would put an ad on Craigslist with some pictures.

Just my 2 cents.  

Good luck!

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