The 10 Most Dangerous Cities

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I saw this article this morning so I thought I would post it. 

You never know accurate this things are as they seem to be 100's of articles like this now that are out there. None the less still an interesting article, especially as I was looking in one of the cities (Bessemer AL) yesterday at some rentals. HAHA


It took me a minute to figure out how to navigate the site:  For anyone else looking, click on the "PREVIOUS" arrow, as this link starts at the END of the article.

I'm curious Andrew, what made you look at Bessemer since you are located outside of Atlanta?

@Kent R.

I was with one of my students looking at some of his properties. I really looking for properties for myself. 

I do houses in Chicago and Atlanta. 


I saw Oakland, Ca was listed. There's a lot of homes in Oakland that cost way more than most of the homes in Alpharetta. It's a big city and I'm sure that some patches in any city can make it look worse than what it really is. Real estate is so local that it can change drastically within a block or two.

I used to live in Alameda which is an island just off Oakland, and I always felt bad for the rap Oakland took. The middle part of the city, which includes downtown, Lake Merritt, and stretching all the way to the Oakland hills, is actually quite nice with a lot of beautiful neighborhoods.

I understand the SF hipsters have discovered Oakland and are starting to move there because it's less expensive than SF. Of course, in California, "less expensive" is a relative thing.

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