Do you avoid house with asbestos? Here is what I experienced

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It's first time my team ran into this problem just sharing, maybe will hear what others have experienced (cost, avoid them?).

Lost about 1.5 month (mostly due to all the holidays) after we discovered 9x9 vinyl tiles under old carpets, encapsulation wasn't an option since vinyl were in very bad shape.  

I called up a local landlord who give me his contact to a Test Lab near by me.  I was able to get the result the next day .... tile was positive but the mastic (adhesive) was negative!  Not sure what is the saving if I had to also remove adhesive.    Anyway, I called around but the references Test Lab provided were all doing commercial abatement and some didn't return calls.    I learn a lot from calling different companies and got ball park cost of $4000 for 1000 sqft (permit, abatement,  another test).   $OUCH$

Here are some photo:

 I can't go in side the "bag".   Furnace is off and it was about 20 degree outside.

everyone was watching this guy testing the air sample, indoor was maybe 30 degrees.   We passed!!  

Now we have to try to get our GC back hope we wont loss any more time.   Happy New Year!

Tile is usually only a level 1 or 2 abatement procedure, unless they are disintegrating and the asbestos is friable.

I actually like asbestos filled homes  - there is one here locally that has been on the market for almost 2-years.  It has the original, decommissioned, coal-converted-to-oil boiler sitting in the basement - about the size of a large chest freezer - encased in asbestos.  All the hydronic heat piping is wrapped in asbestos.   This was enough to scare away most folk who walked though the door.  I went in last year and took core samples of the wall/ceiling plaster in four locations - filled with asbestos.

We have an open offer to the vendor (an estate) at 150K below their original listing price ... they are now only 50K away ;-)

The abatement alone will be 30 - 40K, with a total renovation in the vicinity of 120 - 150K, but comps in that neighbourhood go for $250 - 300K more than our offer.

There seems to be a lot for hype about the dangers of asbestos and lead. I see it as an opportunity. I use a local company to remove asbestos siding and it is roughly $1/sq ft which includes everything from he state license to haul away and disposal. Interior stuff has a tendency to just disappear one day....

I didn't see the 9x9 tiles until few weeks later, when my partner lift up the old carpet and discovered.    YES the tile was friable, ... it was pretty bad.   I don't think the previous family care that they cover up the stuff with carpet.  

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