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Happy New Year everyone. I have about to close on a flip and have a kitchen design question. There is a load bearing wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Due to a heat duct that runs floor to ceiling in the wall, I plan on extending the doorway opening from three feet to six feet and leaving the duct work in place to save time and money. I like adding an inexpensive island if possible. I was playing with the idea of using the three feet we are gaining to possibly add a three foot countertop bar stool height top of some sort but have not seen any designs that look good and make sense. I can leave as is but figured I would throw this out there and see if anyone has an idea or a picture of something that would make sense in this area (or vote to just leave as is). This is a $180k 1500 sf 4/2.5 house in PA. Thanks for any help. Jim 

@Jim Kaufman  

 Hey Jim,

In one of our latest flips I made a island with 2 30" base cabinets I fastened them together and framed a 2x4 wall on the front side to put the outlets in then I put bead board on three sides and let the granite hang over for a nice seating area worked great and was not to costly. Hope this helps.

Thanks Judd. I did something similar on a prior house. I will take a look at this as soon as I figure out how to get your attached picture to show up on my computer. One of my softwares must not be updated. Any chance of emailing it to me? Jim at moonproperties dot net.

Thanks again for the feedback. Jim

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