General Contractors in Pueblo, Colorado?

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Hello everyone,

I'm in the middle of my third rehab in Pueblo, Colorado and ran into an issue with the building department. Basically I need a licensed General Contractor to pull the permit and build a wall and a closet in the current property that I'm working on. I've been working my network for recommendations and haven't come across any possibilities yet.  


You need a permit to add a closet? Hmm, I'll probably try to fly under the radar on that one type of thing personally.

One very high recommended GC in Pueblo is Daniel at Blue RIver Home Improvement:

I've had occasion for him to do a couple of quotes for me, but I haven't gone ahead on those projects yet so I can't vouch firsthand... but multiple people I trust have recommended him.  

@Sam Dangremond  Thanks for the response. I'll see if Daniel can do a bid for me. I am actually just replacing a wall that was taken down by a former owner. I didn't think I needed a permit and my "handyman" was halfway through the job. Then my roofer didn't pull a permit and the building guys either noticed it or got a phone call. They showed up and were not happy about the roof on top of the house or the wall that was being put back up in the house. That's a long story of why I need the GC. 

Do you own a few properties in Pueblo?


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Yes, I own four investment properties in Pueblo.  In the process of doing some rehab on several of them now... today is windows day, fun times.

 - Sam 

Hi Mike, Sam,

I own 5 properties in Pueblo and several of the units are in much need of interior refurbishment -- specifically kitchen and bathroom re-models.  Not so much looking for a high-end remodel but something resembling your avg. apartment look and feel. 

The contractors I have worked with have proved to be unreliable especially with regards to hitting a deadline -- the age old dilemma with contractors  :(

Appreciate if you have any contacts who can perform good work and are reliable?

Many thanks


Eddy - I just now saw your post.  

(I don't know why BP doesn't alert us when a follow up comment is posted)

I'll PM you a recommendation. 

 - Sam

James. I am getting on average $600 for my 2bed 1 bath, And everyone else, i am also looking for a good contractor. i am normally do the work myself, though now my wife tells me i need to start to sub out the work a little bit more due to time.  i have a number for a tile guy that did my bathrooms one time ( very slow work ) but he did a great job for a great price. he did 2 full bathtub time with glass tile assents for $225. hit me up if you want his info. 

@James Sutton

2 bed, 1 bath- I am renting for $600 to $650

3 bed, 1 bath- I am renting for $700 to $750

The area of town would obviously influence these prices a bit. Having a good property manager or being a good property manager yourself is also key.

@Jason Eberhardt

If you need some referrals for specific jobs, send me a private message.


Thanks for the numbers guys. Ya, for right now I'm thinking to just come down from Denver and do the work myself. At the moment, I'm working in Africa but will be home in a few and have a couple months off.

What about sustainability? What are the factors for the next 10 years that support demand growth or shows demand risks to the Pueblo area? It seems like a lot of land plots going up for sale and possible development which will occur in the next 5 years.

@James Sutton more building in pueblo west. Pueblo is doing well. We invest in pueblo and have 3 properties. Sfh. We offer investors full turnkey properties and manage everything. 24% anual returns to investors depending on the property. Paid out monthly for cashflow