Hot Markets for Fix/Flip?

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Hi All,

Which locations are you guys seeing as hot markets for Fix/Flips? Locations with the largest delta between distresses and retail properties? Phoenix AZ inventory is very dry right now....and doesn't allow much margin. 

Can anyone suggest a website that has quarterly & yearly statistics in this regard?


Originally posted by @Bob E. :

I agree phoenix is tough right now.  I think there is opportunity in some of the Midwest markets right now.

 I agree, data is showing midwest and some New England geographies very high deltas. 

Hows the Queen Creek market relative to the valley?

This is really driven by population and job growth. Where I am (NYC) I am starting to see a return of high deltas in tertiary markets along the Hudson River. These areas are well serviced by trains and are getting a big boost from a steadily growing NYC. 

Queen Creek is similar to the rest of the valley right now. We are buying REO's and notes in the midwest where we are all in at a reasonable price and can get $700+ in rent on a SFR. We will then hold or sell depending on cashflow requirements.

@Jared Vidales  & @Bob E. - Total rookie question, but for Arizona only, will I be able to find a decent SFR or Multi rental in the $75k to $150k range for a buy/hold in the next 2-4 months?

As for "deltas" and "tertiary markets" I have some research/learning to do. 


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Memphis tn is a very hot market right now and reasonable prices coupled with less than average rehab costs equals great ROI I actually have a few occupied rentals for sale right now with 20-30k instant equity. Most homes can be purchased low enough to start seeing profit in a couple years or buy and put back on market for a profit. I'm liquidating due to moving to another market

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