Flooring: Allure vs Lowe's Versions vs Laminate

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Hey everyone! 

I'll be starting my next rehab this month, and have been considering my flooring options.  I am curious to know your thoughts in regard to Allure Vinyl vs Lowe's Versions vs Laminate flooring.  I've found some other threads about this, but have the 3 specific questions below.  Thx!

My questions for the group:

1) The allure that you stick together vs snap together seems like there's more margin for error when installing. Any thoughts here? Any poor outcomes with it? Have also heard that the vinyl holds up well, but not the adhesive.

2) Below I've tried to paste my pictures of from some of the shopping and cost comparison from yesterday. I'm curious to know if anyone has used Lowe's product (Shaw - Resilient / Nature Floors). Lowe's product is certainly more cost effective from what I am seeing here, but everyone seems to love Allure. (...and both company's install for $1.50/sq ft) What makes Allure > Lowe's Products which are cheaper?

3) Any other vendors that you know of that can do better on pricing if I am willing to install myself?

Thanks everyone!

Home Depot - Allure Ultra and Allure Plank:

Synonymous Lowe's Options:

Synonymous Lowe's Options:

We have a company called Hoods discount home center in STL. I don't know if there is one in your area.  That has always been my go to for flooring. If your going to go lamont i would make sure that the product is waterproof i used one that wasn't for a rental and it was ruined by the tenants mopping the floor. in 3 years. 

I've done both the stick together and click together vinyl. The click together stuff looks better after install from my personal experience as the joint bring themselves together. I have never heard of waterproof laminate, but maybe it does exist.

Thanks @Drew Wiard

I have the exact same question. I'm hoping there might be other answers to come this way. Did you decide to go with one of those products? I noticed that the Lowe's version is only 3mm and the two Allure products are 3.8 and 5. Getting ready to do a rehab/rental so any more input would be very helpful.

Hello Drew, 

I'm converting my home into a rental, it still has the old linoleum which was a pain to remove when I put down tile in the bathrooms. I wanted an affordable floor and went with the Allure Vinyl. I put it down in the laundry room and so far it seems to be a good option. IMO it's an excellent choice for rental units. Just make sure it's installed properly, some people have complained about seams separating. I haven't had that problem, Make sure you acclimate flooring before installing, good luck! 

repeatedly found that by using a decent quality sheet vinyl, you minimize damage. With the other types, I have seen seams come up, come apart from dirt and water damage (picture an icemaker or dishwasher leak that the tenants didn't bring to you b/c they thought they damaged it) and when trying to replace a plank or two - the color never matches. Today there are some very nice options that I have had investors have to touch to verify it wasn't really wood. Good luck!

We got some clearance locking laminate from Lowes and it looks fantastic. Install was fine once we got the hang of it. A year later with renters with a dog and baby and they still look great.

To Evans Marcie's point, keep some on hand for repairs. We are trying to replace some damaged planks in another property and the biggest headache is matching.

From Lowes. Shaw vinyl plank flooring. Just installed it in a rental. Very easy to put down and looks great. Too early to tell how it will hold up. 

@James Fisher it's held up wonderfully. My tenant has been in there since the end of October, has two dogs and there's not a scratch to be seen. 

I posted this thread 2 years ago.  At that time, I chose to stick with basic laminate as the cost was lower..... Didn't use vinyl at all in any of my 25+ units.  I'm just now starting to have some turn over, so I'll make it a point to post back and say if I have any regrets about not switching to vinyl once I see the condition.

Please do! You never see much feedback about laminate over the long-haul.

Hey y'all, I stumbled across this, I'm doing a bit of a hybrid house hack/live in flip. In that regard, the flip is happening literally as we speak and I was wondering how the Shaw flooring has held up, and how the laminate held up. Thank you for any and all replies!

I love love love vinyl plank like Allure product. highly recommend it. So much upside so little downside... 

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